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Can we keep up?

Posted on July 16, 2018

A blue sign with white writing saying 'New technology this way' and also a white arrow next to it pointing forward.

Good morning readers, I hope that everyone is enjoying their Monday morning. Today’s topic is all about technology and how quick it has advanced into what it is now. I remember when the first smart apple iPhone hit the markets, and now the IPhone X has been realised with not many years separating the two. Madness.

It’s not just mobile devices which have evolved but a lot of other things as well. A prime example of one of the most dramatic changes in technology is Jets. Recently the Royal Air Force has acquired their first set of Typhoons.

Let me give you a quick insight in what these planes have that others don’t. Speed is the latest revelation with tracking software able to indicate how fast you can go at a certain time, stealth mode with the equipment inside able to throw off any sonar systems from detecting them and not also to mention the sensors enabling the pilot to make a swift turn at any given moment.

So it’s safe to say that technology is growing at a rapid rate, leaving most people behind struggling to keep up with the constant changes. Who remembers the good old days sitting at your Rattan Dining Chair playing on your Nintendo Gameboy smashing the Mario brother’s levels out.

How times have changed since I was a young one, it’s crazy to wonder what the technology will be like in another years’ time. The possibilities are becoming endless, with more opperunties arising constantly. Do you ever think the human race will be able to keep up with the advancement in technology or will it eventually just go too far beyond us?

A well reader, that’s today’s blog coming to an end, I will see you all tomorrow for the next daily blog here at Rattan Dining Chairs.