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Downfall of Mainstream Media

Posted on October 31, 2018


Hello readers of the Rattan Dining Chairs blog, how are you all today? Did you do anything last night or just watch TV, I stayed in and watched GBBO or the Great British Bake Off.  I was with an average of 7.3 million live viewers watching Rahul Mandal be crowned the winner. This seems like a large number but in 2016 that final brought in 14 million viewers. I know I may be jumping to conclusions but could this be showing analytics of the downfall of mainstream media. Platforms such as YouTube and Twitch have creators pulling in these views and higher every day.

The biggest content creator on YouTube is called Pewdiepie and has 67 million subscribers, bearing in mind not all of these subscribers watch every video of his but a lot of them do. As well as this some You Tubers get 100 million views plus every month. These are always increasing as well as TV viewership is slowly decreasing so I  believe that it is going to be not that long until YouTube becomes more popular than mainstream TV and more money is going to start going to be put into that. YouTube is just more flexible and easier, you can watch the first half of your video when you’re having food at the Light Dakota 120cm Cube Dining Table & 4 Rattan Chairs then pause it and watch the rest of the video later when you want.

However for the moment I am going to carry on watching both TV and YouTube because they both suit different needs of mine as TV is better for watching with your family, whereas YouTube is more personal as you feel a connection to the creator.

Anyway that has been todays Rattan Dining Chairs blog I hope you have had a good time reading this and don’t forget to have a good day.