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Posted on March 8, 2018


So it’s a snow in day here and as expected this means that there is not a chance of me getting into work.

So rather than mope about all day I decided to head downstairs with my laptop and sit in our kitchen dining table and have a cup of coffee (and maybe a sandwich).

So being the 90s child that I am I got youtube open and started blasting out some old Nirvana tunes from my laptop.

So in a wave of angsty and flannel infused reminiscence I was able to appreciate the dynamic sound this band had become legendary for.

Quiet verses followed by loud crashing courses, something that no other band has been able to replicate to such a degree since.

This therefore got me thinking about dynamics, and how when they work they can create something truly special.

Suddenly I realised as I was taking a sip from my coffee that I was sat at one such dynamic.

See with my wonderful Solid Wood Dining Table I have a set of hand woven Rattan Dining Chairs. This is an incredible combination whose dynamic charisma makes it one of the best home furniture combinations around.

The great thing is how this combination can be suited to your distinct style and dining room theme.

This is thanks to the flexible nature of Rattan Furniture design offering immense potential for a wide range of designs and variations.

Just look at our Rattan Chairs as an example.

From the classic Havana style to elegant rollback dining chairs and even evocative salsa designs, each offer unmistakable charm and charisma found only In Rattan Furniture design

However the dynamic itself is created through the materials used in the chair itself, with each example featuring a hand woven seat made from nothing but Natural Banana Leaf Rattan.

The colourful and charismatic look this creates works well with a number of dining tables, however it truly comes into its own when combined with a Natural Wood Dining Set.

This creates a one of a kind dynamic which can only be found in a Rattan Dining Set.