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Grandma’s house.

Posted on May 14, 2019

Grandmas House

Good morning readers! I hope you’re enjoying your day so far, I sure am. I’m going to Grandmas House.

She is a sweet elegant lady who loves everyone around her, and gives the tightest hugs to prove it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her frown: happiness beams from her entire body like a ball of energy and I can never be sad when I’m around her. Do you have someone in your life like that?

I turn the path and walk up the gravel to a grand red front door, with a big knocker.  Three knocks later and she appears with open arms, a scent of lavender lingering around her freshly permed hair. After hugs and kisses she invites me and my sister into her dining room, perfectly decked out with Rattan Dining Chairs around a cosy table – this is my most-liked room in the entire house.

Watching the sun gleam in through the patio doors, I sink into my Lloyd Loom Madera Rattan Rollback Dining Chair, hugging my favourite soft toy from when I was young – it feels just like how I remember.

Suddenly, a sweet glimpse of heaven swans through the air and into my nose. What could that be? Before I know it, Grandma dances through the hallway and into the lavish room holding a grand plate of chocolate chip cookies just calling my name. I wait to see who makes the first move, a stare off begins between me and my sister…Who will get the first cookie? Me! One, two, and then three find their way into my watering mouth. Deliciously satisfying!

After we have some dinner – sausage and creamy mash – the sun is beginning to set so we decide to relax in the big garden which stretches out for miles, rolling over the hills and fields behind. We set the gas fire up and lounge on the Set of 4 Croco Rattan Dining Chairs, enjoying a bowl of strawberries and cream.

Anyway Readers, as we conclude this blog about my humble and joyful Grandma, I hope you enjoy your week and appreciate everyone you love; and I know I get spoiled at my Grandmas house, but who doesn’t? It’s just in their nature!