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My Favourite Takeaway

Posted on October 23, 2018


Good Morning readers hope you are all well. Today the topic of the blog is food. I’m sorry if I make you hungry during this but if there’s a positive at least I will make myself hungry. I was in a huge rush this morning as I woke up late so I had to skip my usual breakfast of pancakes out.

Luckily I did have quite a large tea last night so it’s not too bad. By the time everybody got home last night in my house it was around 6 so my parents couldn’t be bothered cooking and I don’t really know how to make anything. Well saying that even Gordon Ramsey would struggle to make beans on toast as good as mine. But anyway we ended up getting a Chinese from my village. To be honest it wasn’t the greatest but we got so much that it filled all of us up.

We ate this on our Light Dakota 120cm Cube Dining & 4 Rattan Chairs and it made you think that family time is great. This is because this dining table is big enough that you have enough space to put a banquet but you still are close to the other people around the table so you can have a good conversation with them.

I would say that my favourite takeaway is probably a Pizza. I am not a big fan of anything that is hot so an Indian is ruled out of the equation and in my opinion you can’t go wrong with a stuffed crust margherita pizza. I know that people will call me boring for that but I am a really picky eater. This means that once I have found that something that I enjoy to eat it will take me a lot to move on and try something else when I get a pizza. I hope that reading this hasn’t made you hungry, but I really want a pizza now I’ve thought about it.