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My personal favourite styles.

Posted on June 14, 2019

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Hello everyone! Welcome to another classic Rattan Dining Chair Furniture Blog.

Today I will be talking about my favourite styles in these handwoven beauties. We have a wide knowledge on the different types of styles, and thus we become accustomed to which ones we like best. For example, the Small Light Mango Dining Table & 4 Rattan Dining Chairs dining set is available in Havana, Croco, Salsa and Rollback.

These 4 are the main styles we carry here at Trade Furniture. My personal favourite is Salsa because I think it has a more modern approach to the traditional Rattan Dining Chair. I also think the Salsa styles go really well with our collection of Rattan Baskets, specifically the Set of 4 Coffee Table Rattan Baskets.

The Havana style is much more classic, and is also paired well with the Large Natural Cube Dining Table for that subtle complimented Dining Set. Of course, everybody likes their own styles, which is why we offer so many different options for your personal satisfaction.

The Rollback style involved a much thicker fiber surface area for an elongated chair, and also protects the legs wooden legs. We think this style is the perfect combination of both modern and traditional styles with that exotic flair. All of our Rattan Chairs are also perfect for the most active of households because they simply have such a good durability.

Finally, our Croco style is much more abstract with a smaller top than the others. It radiates an elegant look that I think is ideal for those sophisticated families with its natural charm.

Also from our Rattan Dining Chairs section is the modern Lloyd Loom Madera Rattan Rollback Dining Chair that I would definitely recommend. Its handwoven material almost combines all the otherwise individual styles – making it a perfectly complete chair.

Well reader I hope you have gained some more insight into all the different types of styles, and that you have a good weekend!