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Private Zoo!

Posted on August 7, 2018

Bengal Tiger walking through a forest.

Good afternoon readers, the sun is shining and it seems the hot weather has cooled down but not enough; well, for me personally anyway. So, has anyone seen the news recently? Someone in Lincolnshire has his own private zoo with over 200 animals, including a new addition being a Bengal Tiger!

The main reason this persons personal zoo has come to light a lot more, is that a housing firm have bought a piece of land next to it. This would mean upon their building of the houses they will be extremely close to some of the animal’s enclosures which has begged the concern of the smell and noise of the animals making it hard for them to sell any homes.

This has caused a huge debate in whether the zoo should stay or go. The facts and points given for the zoo to stay is that they have all of the required permits, the enclosures are more than satisfactory and also that the zoo has existed much longer than the ideas of any houses being built.

Now, whilst typing this blog up at my Rattan Dining Set, I have thought long and hard about where I stand on this. I can see that both sides points are valid, however I’m feeling myself leading further into the zoo persons side.

If it ever came down to the zoo being forced to move, then all of the animals would have to be shipped around, causing them nothing but stress. Not only that but I feel it would be unfair to shift the zoo elsewhere with them being there for so long without ever having any issues like this before.

Anyway, I wonder where you stand on this? Do you feel the housing company is correct or the zoo? See you tomorrow for the next daily blog here at Rattan Dining Chairs.