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Rattan Baskets

Our collection of Rattan Baskets provide essential storage space for a wide variety of home accessories. From the living room through to the home study, each basket is well up to the task thanks to a high quality Natural Banana Leaf Rattan frame.

Rattan Bookcase Basket

Rattan Bookcase Basket (B42)



This Rattan Bookcase Basket is a cost effective storage option for any living room, bedroom, dining room and study, blending both style and substance into one stylish Rattan design. As a part of our expansive Rattan Basket collection, each unit is hand woven from 100% Natural Banana Leaf Fibres which is based upon a Solid Wood Frame. This makes ...
Rattan Baskets

Set of 2 Rattan Baskets (2B42)



The Set of 2 Rattan Baskets is made using nothing but banana leaf fibres woven around a hardwood frame. There are so many possible uses for the baskets, you'll be surprised what you can do. They work very well with a large coffee table if there is space underneath, they work exceptionally on the shelf of a bookcase if it's large enough. They can b ...
Set of 4 Small Rattan Baskets

Set of 4 Small Rattan Baskets (4B41)



The Set of 4 Small Rattan Baskets is a marvelous set to add to any room in the house that needs a touch of extra storage space. The baskets work very well in a living room, dining room, study or even a bedroom to keep things tidy and out of the way. They are woven using a strong banana leaf fibre which is woven around a hardwood frame to give you ...