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Rattan Home Accessories

Rattan Stair Basket

Rattan Stair Basket (B19)



The Rattan Stair Basket offers a unique home storage alternative, taking advantage of the most unlikely of places. Each unit features a steeped design providing 2 storage spaces, great for books, toe tries and other home accessories. Thanks to this steeped design each unit would fit snugly on a staircase. Each Rattan Stair Basket is made from Na ...
Rattan Wicker Bookcase Basket

Rattan Wicker Bookcase Basket (B42G)



The Rattan Wicker Bookcase Basket is an essential home storage feature which is both reliable and cost effective. Each baskets hand woven frame is ideal for a vast number of home accessories including books, DVD’s, CD’s, stationary, cosmetics and much more. Each Rattan Wicker Bookcase Basket is hand woven Banana Leaf Rattan frame, based arou ...
Rattan Magazine Basket

Rattan Magazine Basket (B20)



The Rattan Magazine Basket is a perfect living room piece ideal for those looking to add a bit of natural charm to their living room design. Each Basket comes with 2 storage areas which are ideal for newspapers and magazines among other living room essentials. ...
Rattan log Basket

Rattan Log Basket (B16)



The Rattan Log Basket would make for a great complimentary addition to any living room design with its simple yet elegant design. Each Rattan Log Basket is made from Natural Banana Leaf Fibers which are hand woven around a solid wood base offering a spacious and durable living room storage solution, ideal not only for logs but also newspapers an ...
Set of 2 Rattan Bookcase Baskets

Rattan Bookcase Baskets Bundle (2B42)



This handy set of Rattan Bookcase Baskets would make for a cost efficient means of home storage, using the rugged dependability and charm of Natural Rattan Furniture. Each set consists of 2 Rattan Baskets that are each hand woven from Natural Banana Leaf Fibers, based upon a solid wood frame for added durability. This makes each basket ideal for ...
Rattan Bookcase Basket

Rattan Bookcase Basket (B42)



This Rattan Bookcase Basket is a cost effective storage option for any living room, bedroom, dining room and study, blending both style and substance into one stylish Rattan design. As a part of our expansive Rattan Basket collection, each unit is hand woven from 100% Natural Banana Leaf Fibres which is based upon a Solid Wood Frame. This makes ...