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Posted on April 18, 2018

Person with a sign showing stop.

Good morning readers, I hope that everyone is doing well this morning? Well, I definitely am after I started my day sitting at my Rattan Dining Chair enjoying a nice cup of black coffee. Don’t judge okay? Black coffee is actually really nice.

Whilst sat in my Rattan Dining Chair, the radio presenters began talking about ‘slang’ becoming more common and different ways countries spell compared to the UK. This got me thinking about our generation, are we just becoming so lazy that we simply can no longer be bothered to pronounce words correctly because it just takes too long?

Now, yes mentioning the word ‘lazy’ and me being currently ‘sat down’ does seem ironic, however you will notice I’m not slanging my words. Just the thought of people using the words ‘init, bruv, skint and tosh’ only naming a few. That’s right there is more out there. Do this topic annoy you too?

Being a Yorkshire man, slang has always been a form of common tongue e.g. ‘Joe Bloggs’. However, I don’t use it every day. So in order to combat this slang issue, I’ve decided to try and convince people to go sit down in their Rattan Dining Chair, with a book and read. You would be surprised at what the power of a book can actually do.

I’ll admit it now, before it started reading my English was abysmal, but now from reading once at the end of every day it’s changed completely. My writing as well as reading skills have increased dramatically, which has enabled me to do what I am doing right now.

However, I bet none of you paid attention to what I was on about, you are still probably churning away in your mind ‘how on earth can he like black coffee?’. Well, that’s an entire different topic completely. See you all tomorrow for the next daily blog, have a great day everyone.