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That Time of Year Again!

Posted on November 19, 2018

I'm a Celeb

Hello readers of the Rattan Dining Chairs blog, how are you all on this cold morning? This weather is absolutely terrible and it is only going to get colder. But it finally started last night, after a year of waiting the celebrities have finally arrived in the jungle. I watched the first episode last night, but after around 45 minutes I got bored and was really tempted to turn it off. This could be because it was the first episode and it is more about meeting the celebrities. Or it could just be this years which isn’t that good, as for the last few years it has been getting worse. Especially without Ant from Ant and Dec this year it won’t be the same.

This may just be my young brain, but I only really know two of the celebrities that have gone in Harry Redknapp and Anne Hegerty from the Chase. Obviously people will know the others but I don’t understand why they don’t get celebrities that everybody knows or at least better ones. I understand that the celebrities may not want to go in the Jungle and that they will cost more but surely it would bring in a higher audience to get more household names as it would appeal to a larger audience. However I may be wrong and a lot of these people will be well-known but this is just my opinion.

However I am still going to watch this tonight whilst sat on the Croco Rattan Dining Chair and hopefully this episode will be better, so I will stop complaining and being miserable about it. Anyway that has been todays Rattan Dining Chairs blog I hope you have enjoyed this little rant and come back soon for the next one. And don’t forget to try and have a good day.